Tips for using the Search Engine

  • Keep it Simple
    This is a keyword search. It will not parse a complete sentence, such as "I am looking for a Christian Drama play about Family." Instead, it will search for that exact string of words, not find it, and the person searching will miss out on our popular one-act, Family. Search by using one or two keywords only.
  • Don't use "drama" or "Christian drama"
    This is a "Christian drama" web site! So searching on "drama" will not return anything meaningful. Likewise, it would be just as futile to use the search criterion "devotionals". This web site is packed to the gills with devotionals!
  • Don't search on the word "skits"
    You will not find what you think you are looking for. There are no "skits" here. What you will find, instead, is the FAQ article entitled, "Why We Do Not Use (and do not like to hear used) the Word 'Skit'."