Joyful Thanksgiving

Joyful Thanksgiving is a compilation of early Reflections by the Pond columns united around the theme of expressing our thanksgiving to a generous, gracious heavenly Father.

The wren is a feisty, charismatic bird who is fearless before any opposition. We have seen them run off blue jays and woodpeckers—birds many times their size—who have strayed too close to the house. We have also been recipients ourselves of their verbal chastisement, when we have been the ones encroaching on their territory.

But very often the tiny wren will have no apparent reason for his vocalization. Gazing out the library window between paragraphs, I'll quite often see the small gray bird alight on the step railing, looking so tiny and fragile. But then he will raise his head and sing out with a most glorious and exuberant sound—as if proclaiming something no less profound than "Thank you for my life, God! I praise you!"

We, as intelligent, sophisticated humans don't do this often enough. It's considered unseemly to raise one's gaze toward heaven and simply cry out, "Thank you, God, for my life! I praise you!" But the tiny wren doesn't care about such civilized conventions. He just needs to periodically release the pent-up joy that fills his breast—no matter what others may think.

27 pages
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Joyful Thanksgiving booklet