They Need a Savior: The story of Harry the Angel

The genesis for this fable was as a script for a Christmas musical. It then was published, in narrative form, as a part of a series in our weekly devotional journal, The Journey, before being released in this booklet form.

They Need a Savior is the story of Christ's life as seen and experienced through the eyes of Harry, angel 4-R (4th Rung). It begins in heaven, before the Son descended to be born in flesh, and ends back in heaven after Christ's glorious resurrection. Told with gentle humor, They Need a Savior offers a unique perspective on the Son's sacrifice for mankind.

Someone They Can Touch
Just Like Everyone Else
Meek and Lowly
They Need a Savior
One Thing Only

Harry couldn't believe his ears. "So, you gave up everything...only to..."

"I love these people, Harry. I came to experience what it's like for them—what it's like to live with a body that ages and dies, what it's like to suffer loneliness and pain, to feel the pull of sin, to experience—as much as I can—what it is to be human."

"And I'm sure you've already experienced all that. Isn't it enough?"

Jesus turned to Harry, and again the angel could feel the powerful emotions of The Son pushing out from the small body of Jesus. "My living like them won't save them, Harry. But my dying like them will." He sighed and moved toward the hillside sprinkled with grazing sheep, as if he would like nothing better than to simply step away from his responsibilities. But then he stopped. "Later, when I'm an adult," Jesus continued, "I'll spend some time teaching and discipling a few followers. But most people won't believe, and the religious leaders will conspire against me. They'll work with the Romans to put me on trial."

"Trial?" Harry squeaked.

"This isn't heaven, Harry. They won't easily believe who I am. They'll find me guilty—"

"Guilty of what?" Harry cried, his voice rising.

"It doesn't matter—it won't to them. They'll humiliate me, and put me to death with other criminals."

"But you're not a criminal!" Harry protested.

"I have to die, Harry. It's necessary—for them."

The thought of The Son being tortured and killed for these low, sinful beings filled Harry with anger and revulsion. How could they? How dare they kill the very one who had come to save them? Didn't they realize it was He who had created the world? Created even them?

27 pages
formatted for on-screen reading

They Need a Savior booklet