An Intimate Dialogue: the Psalms

This booklet is a compilation of Listening issues that considered selected Psalms in a thoughtful, devotional (as opposed to a detailed, verse-by-verse exegetical) manner. The booklet was then distributed to those attending the adult Sunday School class in which it was taught.

In the Morning (Psalm 5)
Forgetting (Psalm 30)
a Self-imposed Remove (Psalm 42:1-43:5)
This is my Father’s World (Psalm 65)
Possessions (Psalm 73)
Living by His Word (Psalm 119 [excerpts])
a Determined Purity (Psalm 101)
a Hymn of Remorse (Psalm 51)
Inside & Out (Psalm 139)


If what illustrates our relationship with God is skipping stones across the surface of a pond, then what illustrates His relationship with us is a huge boulder cannon-balling straight down through the surface, deeper, ever deeper, until it snuggles with all its weight into the soft mud and sand of the bottom.

David’s Psalm 139 describes the intimacy with which the Lord God knows each one of those who call on His name. It describes a level of knowledge impossible for humans—defying the limits of matter, time, and space. It is at once supernaturally invasive, and warmly reassuring. It is familial. It is personal.

It is holy.

55 pages
formatted for on-screen reading

An Intimate Dialogue booklet