We have been writing and publishing devotionals for twenty years, and our Archives contain all past devotional issues, as well as booklets we have produced.

Our first devotional, chronologically, was Aspects, which began publication in 1990 in a printed edition only. This was an eight-page, monthly publication. In 1994 we began offering Aspects via the internet and, as they say, the rest was history. In 1996 we began offering Reflections by the Pond--a brief, plain text column sent out every Wednesday--along with Aspects. Closing down Aspects, we began publishing The Journey in 2004, followed by Listening in 2007. Both were weekly publications.

In 2008 we resurrected Reflections by the Pond--now a full-color, two-page publication. This is our current devotional, delivered every Monday via e-mail in four different editions: PDF-print, PDF-screen, HTML, and plain text. Click on the tab above to read the current issue, read or download back issues, or to subscribe.

All earlier devotionals are included here in our Archives. Please note: The files are original, meaning the text is just as originally published--on occasion, many years ago. They include original headers and footers, e-mail addresses and web URLs. Please disregard any e-mail or web site references contained in the files, as most are no longer valid.

In most cases you can download individual issues, in PDF format, or monthly packages in a ZIP file. On any PDF link, left-click to open the file in your browser, or right-click to select from the context menu and download the file to your computer.