Aspects is our oldest published devotional. It began in November 1990 as a monthly, printed-only journal mailed to friends and family. In 1994 we began releasing each issue as plain text via e-mail. This modest beginning was the genesis for all the devotional material we offer at our web site today.

Because of its age and subsequent evolution, the Aspects archives benefit from some explanation.

  • Issues 1 through 85 (to December 1997) are available in plain text only.
  • These early issues, as well as all plain text editions are available in a single ZIP file (link below).
  • Issues 86 through 157 (January 1998 through December 2003) are available in both plain text and PDF (Adobe Acrobat) editions, organized in the following pages by year.
  • For 1998 through 2003, each year's PDF issues may be downloaded in a single ZIP file.

(Aspects ceased publication in December 2003.)

Please note: Disregard all links, URLs and mentions of other publications embedded in the text.